Ocean Breeze, Feeling Free

My childhood starts HERE. CC

On a hot summer day on fourth of July weekend, I learned how to do something that I in time, fell in love with. I have been camping since I was about two weeks old at a resort called Wild Acres in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I would spend all my summer days in this paradise of sunny days, blue salty waves; my personal paradise. One day, I was probably six or seven, my Papa asked if I wanted to do something CRAZY. I responded with “Papa, what kinda crazy are you talkin’ about?!” He replied “The kind of crazy where we take your training

Photo courtesy of me.

wheels off and you become a big girl bike rider.” Needless to say- I was scared, yet very excited. You have to admit that is quite a change for a young child. From being safe and secure on four wheels to relying on myself to balance the bike all while pedaling on TWO wheels. We kept practicing for at least over an hour, until I was confident enough to have my Papa sit down and WATCH me; not follow me in case I fell. I reached a huge goal that day. From that day on all I wanted to do was ride my bike. As I got older, going to the campground meant me being able to take off on my bike; feeling so free.

This memory has really related to my life the past couple years. When I was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer and was only given six months to live, I essentially gave up. For all of MAYBE one day. I thought to myself, I guess this life wasn’t meant for me to live. I found myself wallowing in the fait that I was supposedly dealt with. But, why?? EXACTLY. From that moment on all I knew to do, was to fight. Fight, fight, fight. I realized that I was meant to live for so, so, so much more. I struggled when the tumor had grown back as if I hadn’t gone through a single surgery. But, the attitude I had, remained so positive, some would call annoying, and it has only been up from there. August 2016, my treatment plan was discontinued. AMAZING, right?!

I know! The moment they told me I would no longer be receiving Chemotherapy is that same exact feeling that I felt when I was flying down the road on two wheels. Absolutely freeing, with the wind blowing my hair and the biggest smile I have ever smiled. I am a happy person that has been through a lot, but constantly reminding myself that it could always be  worse and to take each day with a grain of salt.